Whats the structure of the core shooting machine?

- Nov 27, 2019-

Whats the structure of the core shooting machine?

The structure of the whole core shooting machine is mainly composed of four major components.

  1. Column components: The upper frame of the equipment consists mainly of beams and columns. A sand tube, a sand bucket, a sand valve component, a compression cylinder, and the like are mounted on the beam to form a sand supply and air supply system for the core.

  2. Sand shooting device: It consists of sand cylinder, gas valve, sand cylinder frame, shooting head, sand shooting board and other components. When working, the sand cylinder is pressed on the upper plane of the core box by the pressing cylinder, and the sand shooting valve is opened to shoot the sand. After the exhaust sand is finished, loosen the compression cylinder (return to the original position) to complete the sand shooting and sanding work.

  3. Molding frame components: mainly composed of moving template, left and right bracket plates and guide columns, guide sleeves, ejector pins, clamping cylinders and other components.

    3.1 The entire mold base is mounted on the base by the left and right bracket plates.

    3.2 The moving template moves along the guide column and moves left and right under the push-pull of the mold clamping to complete the core-forming process of clamping and opening the mold. When the mold is opened, the core of the top plate on the top plate is ejected from the top of the top plate, and can be easily removed by hand.

    3.3 Base: The support of the whole equipment, the mold base, the column, the electric control box, the solenoid valve, etc. are placed on it.

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