Whats the process of operating the core shooter​?

- Nov 25, 2019-

Whats the process of operating the core shooter?

In the process of operating the core shooter

   1. After the core shooter is started, the operator must not leave the job. He should concentrate on thinking and follow the process procedure, but do not operate the two valves at the same time.

  2, often pay attention to the operation of the core shooter, issued lubrication, or loose fasteners, or parts damage, or pipeline leakage, and other anomalies, should immediately stop the treatment, if necessary, notify the maintenance personnel to repair.

  3. In the production process, if the core shooting machine is found to be weak, or compact, or unable to pass, or the clamping is weak, the maintenance personnel should be notified to check the repair.

  4, often keep the shock piston working under lubrication, periodically blow off the sand on the piston, and then spray the lubricant.

  5. When the sand box is hoisted, the sand box collision model or valve handle is not allowed to avoid damage to the model or malfunction.

  6. In the production process, the sand on and around the core shooting machine is often shot to prevent the sand from entering the cylinder.

  7. If an accident occurs in the core shooting machine, the equipment should be stopped immediately, the site should be kept, and the relevant departments should be inspected, analyzed and processed.

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