Whats's the sand molding machine casting cooling line features

- Feb 01, 2019-

Sand molding machine casting cooling line features:

1. Patented product, sleek structure, complete function, can be arbitrarily wired according to the actual situation of the user's factory. It can be perfectly combined with sand processing and melting equipment, which makes the overall layout of the foundry more reasonable.

2. The main power of the whole line is an independent hydraulic system, all of which use brand oil cylinders, hydraulic pumps and solenoid valves. The main line adopts a fast slowing device to make the whole line run faster, smoother and more reliable.

3. Adopt high-speed PLC control, a full set of brand electrical appliances. The main control cabinet adopts the touch screen operating system, and the line is supplemented with a pull switch to stop waiting for the pouring switch, which makes the whole line operation more convenient and reasonable.

4. Automatically pick and place the box press iron device, first press the iron back box to ensure that the upper and lower type will not be misplaced, automatically clean the box press iron device to ensure that the box and the pressure iron are clean, fully play its role.

5. The mold after taking the box press iron is pushed onto the secondary cooling belt by the mold lowering device to continue cooling, and the electric roller brush on the push head automatically cleans the table surface.

6. The transfer vehicles at both ends adopt variable frequency motor, which is stable and stable, fast running speed and no impact.

7. The secondary cooling belt head wheel part can determine the height according to the requirements of the falling machine, and greatly reduce the underground engineering.

8. The running time of the secondary cooling belt can be adjusted according to the cooling time of the casting to change the total cooling time of the casting to meet the requirements of castings of different materials.

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