What to do in the metal casting process?

- Apr 30, 2019-

What to do in the metal casting process?

In the metal casting process of the casting machine, it is often necessary to spray the paint on a metal working surface. The role of the coating is to adjust the cooling rate of the casting; to protect the metal type, to prevent the erosion and thermal shock of the high-temperature metal liquid against the wall;

Depending on the alloy, the coating may have multiple formulations. The coating consists essentially of three types of materials: 1. Powder refractory materials (such as zinc oxide, talc powder, zircon sand powder, diatomaceous earth powder, etc.); Binder (commonly used water glass, syrup or pulp waste liquid, etc.); Solvent (water). For specific recipes, please refer to the relevant manual.

The coating should meet the following technical requirements: it must have a certain viscosity, easy to spray, and form a uniform thin layer on the metal surface; the coating does not crack or fall off after drying, and is easy to remove; has high refractoriness; A large amount of gas is generated; it does not chemically react with the alloy (except for special requirements).

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