What the die casting machine maintenance knowledge?

- Oct 27, 2019-

Die casting machine maintenance knowledge

Because the die casting machine works under high temperature, low pressure and high speed, the working conditions are relatively bad. After continuous working for a long time, it will inevitably appear.

Faults, such as abnormal noise, unstable motion, or even the machine stops at a certain position, the cycle does not go down. Once these fault conditions occur, the operation

It should be highly valued, carefully observed, determine the location of the fault and the possible causes, and promptly eliminate the fault to ensure normal production. for

The general PLC controlled die casting machine, because there is no fault to reveal, can only be judged according to the phenomenon that occurs before and after the fault and the conditions required by the PLC control program.

It is more difficult to troubleshoot; for PC-controlled die casting machines, due to the rich self-diagnosis function, fault disclosure and monitoring alarm

Function, under normal circumstances, the alarm is related to the monitored part, which is easier to diagnose. In short, once the die casting machine fails, it needs to operate.

The author or the repairer conducts a comprehensive analysis in time to find out the cause and eliminate it.

Common faults of die-casting machines are: lack of action, no action, no pressure, mistakes in motion, etc. The key to eliminating these faults is to distinguish it from

Electrical, hydraulic or mechanical failure, and master the structure and working principle of the die casting machine and the input and output conditions related to each action, die casting machine fluid

The working principle of the pressure system and the pressure and speed adjustment methods are the basis for troubleshooting. Any abnormal sound, loose fasteners, deformation of parts,unusual shifts require timely inspection and maintenance.