What should be pay attention to when using the polishing machine?

- May 12, 2019-

What should be pay attention to when using the polishing machine?

Nowadays, more and more friends are basically hoping to use the polishing machine. Everyone will have more precautions in the actual use process. From the current situation, what should be paid attention to when using the polishing machine, this becomes A lot of people pay attention to the focus.

        In the process of using the polishing machine, all the staff must wear the working glasses or masks, and in the process of wearing, everyone should have full attention. For example, when wearing, basically protect the relevant Place to prevent fingerprints on the workpiece, and be sure to hold the parts during the work. Relatively, when grinding parts, such as jewelry, be sure to do enough to prevent these. The wheels pull out the entire workpiece, which eventually leads to disengagement. When all the staff are working, it is best to avoid wearing loose clothes and prevent the clothes from getting caught in the polishing machine, so as to avoid danger.

        Generally speaking, all the staff in the process of polishing machine are basically male, not female. At this time, if female friends want to work in the relevant operation space, they must pay attention to the long hair. It is good to be able to put them on the disk. The most important thing is to avoid the fact that your hair is involved in the machine during the actual use process. You also need to wear a protective cover for the equipment, so as to prevent the particles of the polishing machine. Hit the face, so don't touch the polishing wheel with any part of the body, and pay attention to other places in the process of using the polishing machine.

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