What's the sturcture of sand molding machine

- Mar 18, 2019-

What's the sturcture of sand molding machine?

The sand molding machine consists of the fuselage, the die-cutting mechanism, the shock compaction mechanism, the arm indenter part and the pneumatic piping system.

1. The fuselage is a solid hollow frame workpiece, the upper part supports the arm indenter part, and the real-time rotating arm hooks the fuselage to make the pressing force bear by the fuselage. The fuselage and the shock mechanism are bolted together, the arm In the head part, the indenter is fixed on the rocker arm that can be rotated, and the screw head has a screw jack to adjust the distance from the head to the sand box according to the height of the flask.

2. The arm is controlled by the hand valve to control the reciprocating movement of the cylinder piston to realize the movement of the positive arm and the arm.

3. The die-lifting structure consists of two starting cylinders, connecting rods, balance shaft, starting block, and ejector lever. When the starting cylinder starts, it drives the connecting rod, balances the shaft, and starts the die table so that the four ejector rods are simultaneously topped. The sand box is taken out.

4. Shock compaction structure. The spring micro-shock pneumatic compaction structure is used, and the compaction shock increases the vibration. When the mold is lifted, the clamping cylinder locks the compact cylinder and the clamping cylinder is released when the mold is dropped.

5. Pneumatic piping system: the input compressed air,the water and impurities in the compressed air are removed by the air filter, and then the lubricating oil is injected into the oil mist to supply the pneumatic components and mechanisms. The machine action is realized by the hand valve console.

6. Gas supply and lubrication. The machine is operated by gas source for energy and oil lubrication. The intake pressure and the amount of oil are adjusted by a pressure reducing valve and a regulating valve, respectively. When the gas source passes through the oil mister, the oil is sucked into the pipeline according to the siphon principle, and the mist enters each pipeline system for lubrication.