What's the main structural features of milling machine (1)

- Dec 24, 2018-

milling machine

Main structural features of milling machine

1. The main components such as base, fuselage, workbench and middle slide are cast from high-strength materials and treated by artificial aging to ensure the stability of long-term use of machine tools.

2. The overall structure is bed structure, the milling head is high-power variable frequency speed regulation high-precision milling head, the milling head can work in the range of 30° left and right; the feed of the spindle sleeve has automatic, manual, manual fine adjustment, etc. Function; large spindle rigidity, convenient and flexible speed regulation.

3. The spindle head box can be manually and motorized up and down to complete the motorized feed and fast movement, which is convenient and quick to operate.

4. There are three kinds of manual feed, motorized feed and maneuver fast forward in the vertical and horizontal directions of the bed. Different feed speeds can meet different processing requirements; rapid feed can make the workpiece reach the machining position quickly and shorten the non-machining time. 

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