What's the automatic polishing machine second basic operation?

- Jun 17, 2019-

Automatic polishing machine second basic operation

    The automatic polishing machine still needs manual operation. The so-called automatic means that the polishing process is done by mechanical, but the mechanical operation still has some work that needs manual operation.

(2) Polishing wheel stroke adjustment

    The pressure of the polishing wheel refers to the contact pressure between the polishing wheel and the polished workpiece, which is generally controlled by the upper and lower strokes of the polishing wheel. The adjustment of this polishing wheel

Sections generally have three modes of operation that improve their automation. The first one is to adjust the operation by the manual operation lever, when it is necessary to adjust the polishing wheel position.

When set, manually rotate the joystick to move the polishing wheel up and down. The second kind is more convenient, no manual labor, set the numerical control device, through the button device

Adjustment. The third is also the most advanced way at present, using automatic compensation system design, when the polishing consumables have a certain consumption, the mechanical system automatically recognizes.Always maintain the proper spacing between the polishing wheel and the table.

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