What's the automatic polishing machine fourth basic operation?

- Jun 18, 2019-

Automatic polishing machine third basic operation

    The automatic polishing machine still needs manual operation. The so-called automatic means that the polishing process is done by mechanical, but the mechanical operation still has some work that needs manual operation.

(4) The main control interface operation display of the automatic polishing machine

    Automatic polishing machines generally have a separate control system consisting of various complex circuits and operating systems. But in the operation interface, one by one is simple

The button becomes the hub for controlling the entire machine. The controller mainly has a spindle switch, a variable frequency switch, a swing switch, a travel switch, etc., which is more complicated.

Designing difficult working orders such as sway amplitude and frequency adjustment, stroke distance and speed adjustment. In addition, there are safety facilities such as emergency stop buttons to ensure safety.


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