What's sand molding machine

- Mar 07, 2019-

Sand molding machine is kind of sed in the manufacture of sand casting equipment. Its main function is: sand filling, filling loose sand into the sand box; compacting sand, compacting loose sand in the sand box by different methods such as compaction, compaction, shock pressure, and injection pressure, so that the sand type It has the necessary strength during handling and casting; the mold is removed, and the pattern is taken out from the compacted sand mold by different mechanisms. The molding machine first appeared in the mid-19th century. The early molding machine was a simple manual compaction belt demoulding mechanism, and later compressed air was used as the power for the compacted and compacted sand. In 1890, a shock-type molding machine appeared, which improved the modeling efficiency and sand accuracy. The molding machine can be divided into compaction, compaction, seismic type, injection molding machine and sand blasting machine according to the method of compacting sand.