What's sand molding machine

- May 25, 2018-

sand Molding Machine.JPG

Horizontal parting type off box injection compression sand molding machine is automatic molding machine which is alternative to hand-shape and high degree of automation, convenient, secure under the core, the effective rate of the two-sided template. Manufacturers through the introduction of automated molding machine, and effectively advancing the production efficiency and stability of the casting quality, it is compact bodies, small form factor and does not require pit, the most suitable for the transition from manual modeling to automation customers. In addition, the models on the basis of previous horizontal molding machine insttutional improvements. Top, bottom, middle, lower box at the same time fixed in the four pillars to ensure the accuracy of the co-box. Solve the problem of the wrong box. The aircraft can be equipped with molding line is more flexible, and can be hand-pushed rolling conveyer methods and automatic co-car roller conveyer.

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