What's safe operation of the sand belt polishing machine?

- May 14, 2019-

Safe operation of the sand belt polishing machine:

1. Before starting the sand belt polishing machine, first check whether the wheel and belt cover are complete and firm, and whether the sandpaper is damaged. It can be opened after inspection and can be used after the speed is stable.

2. The workpiece should be firmly fixed during grinding. At the same time, people should stand on the side of the equipment and try to avoid the rotating surface of the belt.

3. When grinding, the workpiece should be clamped and firmly grasped, and the workpiece should be slowly contacted with sandpaper. Can not be too fast or too hard, should be evenly ground.

4. When sandpaper is installed, it needs to be tightened firmly. When grinding the object, it must be clamped with pliers.

5, The sand belt polishing machine can not work on a large vibrating wheel.

6. After the sand machine is used, the power should be turned off immediately.

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