What's Features Robot Polishing Machine

- Jul 23, 2018-

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Robot Polishing Machine Features

1. Consistency: Polishing is a tedious and repetitive work, and the robot can continuously work stably.

2. Improve quality: robots polishing machine can work continuously without fatigue, which is very suitable for this work.

3. Employee safety: related operations have safety hazards and robots reduce plant safety risks

4. Environmentally friendly: The dusty environment at the polishing job site is extremely harsh, and the robot can work safely in smoke and dust.

5. Reduce waste: Automated robotic polishing machine systems provide the consistency and precision needed to ensure uniform, thorough polishing of the product.

6. Reduce cycle time: robots polishing machine are programmed to apply the right amount of pressure, just moving in the right direction, resulting in faster, more efficient performance than manual applications.

7. The robot polishing machine system can be widely used in the polishing of complex curved surfaces, such as the final processing of aerospace blades, steam turbine blades, turbine blades, windmill blades, titanium alloy artificial joints, sanitary ware, digital home appliances and cultural and sports goods. A substantial increase.

Quanzhou CBC Group Corporation provides users with automatic polishing machine offline programming software and professional polishing process programming services: to help you solve difficult polishing tasks and reduce production time, while using a more professional fixture design can greatly improve the polishing effect.

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