What's Diaper Machine Production Line Safety Guidelines

- May 07, 2018-

Automatic baby diaper making machine price.jpgDiaper machine production line safety guidelines:

1. Maintenance technicians or operating technicians must dress tightly, and do not wear loose clothing or accessories such as gloves or collars to prevent them from being caught in the machine and cause personal injury and machine damage.

2. Keep the environment clean in the workshop. No objects are allowed to be placed on the exits and walkways. Various materials are placed neatly and away from heat sources. Pay attention to the indoor ventilation to ensure the smoothness of the fire protection channel in the workshop.

3. It is forbidden to randomly pull the power supply and wire.

4. Avoid all kinds of electrical equipment, the circuit is affected by damp or overload, and the abnormal events such as the damage of the electric wires and the smoking of the equipment must be reported in time to prevent the occurrence of short circuits and cause accidents.

5. It is forbidden to smoke in the workshop, use open flames, use alcohol, play slapsticks, shout, gambling, play games, or threaten violence to hinder the order of the whole body.

6. It is forbidden to carry contraband, dangerous goods, fire articles or articles unrelated to work into the workplace.

7. It is forbidden to leave the post at any time during working hours, make phone calls, and gather together to disturb the order in the workshop. If it is necessary to leave, you should explain to the captain to arrange for replacement.

8. It is forbidden for anyone to be close to the workshop equipment, except for mechanics, operators, and workshops.

9. It is forbidden to violate the working procedures and the operating rules are to operate or direct the machine.

10. It is strictly forbidden for anyone to approach or touch the machine in operation.

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