What matters needs to pay attention to when CNC polishing machine startup?

- Jun 13, 2019-

What matters needs to pay attention to when CNC polishing machine startup?

Power Notes:

1. Before the cnc polishing machine is turned on, check the disc or the workpiece for any workpieces and other debris that have not been taken away;

2. During the operation of the automatic polishing machine, the workpiece should be replaced when the disc is stopped, and it must be installed before the next rotation of the disc; if any abnormal noise or other abnormal phenomenon is found during operation, the emergency stop button should be pressed immediately. , stop the inspection, and wait until the exception is processed before continuing to work;

3. The equipment should be operated by a professional who has passed the training. If necessary, the manufacturer should be notified to communicate and repair.

The above is the fault resolution of the automatic polishing machine. If necessary, directly consult the customer service of Jinzhu Company for after-sales service.

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