what knowledge of shoe making machine need to know ?

- Aug 07, 2018-

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Is the quality of cardboard made reliable? In the past, the inner sole of the leather shoe was made of pig and cow bottom leather. Natural leather resources are now reduced. Alternative materials are used to replace certain natural materials. For example, insoles for shoes are widely used at home and abroad. The quality of the shoe insole, moisture permeability, flexing resistance, interlaminar peel strength, tear resistance, dimensional stability, etc. can fully meet the requirements of use. If the inner bottom board is broken, shrinkage deformation, hardness, delamination, etc. are all unqualified. Using a steam spray device, the upper is first sprayed, then heated quickly and dried. The skin is then massaged by a vacuum. The temperature setting of each part of the shoe making machine can adjust different temperatures according to the different points of the toe, the heel and the material, so that the treated shoes are in a streamlined state, the appearance is perfect, and the modeling effect is better. The use of rail-type rolling transmission and transfer mode is beneficial to improve the stability of the shoe making machine and the service life of the product, and also reduce the damage cost of the shoe making machine. Save time, increase productivity and stabilize product quality with a rotary end conveyor belt. The maintenance of shoe making machine equipment should reach the following points: Lubrication: Oil change, oiling and lubrication equipment are completed on time. Cleaning: clean inside and outside the equipment, no black grease on each sliding surface.

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