What is the workflow of the sand molding machine?

- Jun 10, 2019-

What is the workflow of the sand molding machine?

The workflow of the casting automatic sand molding machine has three major steps:

1. Filling the sand and filling the sand into the sand box;

Second, the shape, through the different methods of shock, pressure, and shooting, make the loose sand in the sand box compact and shape, and have the necessary strength;

Third, the mold is taken out, and the pattern is taken out from the compacted sand mold by different methods.

Of course, there are many options for the realization of this process. It is also necessary to choose different modeling methods depending on the mold of the casting product.

Take the example of the casting shape of the wheel parts of the car accessories. If the sand shell is not well ventilated, the boiling water from the riser during the pouring process will result in a decrease in the spheroidization level of the cast product. In addition to the strength of the sand, the sand shell maturity is directly related to the setting of the molding machine. Therefore, the casting molding machine should also consider the type of product produced by the company.

There is also a compact casting mold that uses pneumatic or hydraulic pressure to apply pressure to the molding sand in the flask through the indenter or pattern to compact the molding sand. This type of molding machine has a template quick change device, so it can not stop the machine, and the work efficiency is improved accordingly, but the requirements for the operator are also improved. One drawback is that the sand type is not tight enough in the area away from the pressing position. Therefore, you need to pay special attention.

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