What is the use of the heel lasting machine with zipper gluing ?

- Jun 04, 2018-

heel lasting machine

The heel lasting machine design is novel and the glue can be changed according to the needs of the guests.

With a unique design at the side, the zipper can pass automatically when the zipper is glued

This machine has advanced design, stable machine performance, uniform rubber on both sides, stepless speed regulation

The next round adopts a prominent design, which makes it easier to remove the glue and is easy to operate.


Uses: Suitable for shoes, handbags, bags, wallets and so on. Save on labor, just zip the zipper, no adhesive on the opposite side


The future of shoe-making enterprises is like this. Connect the intelligent shoemaking equipment and management information to produce raw materials for shoes and form a database. At this time, a radio frequency identification technology called RFID is needed. In simple terms it is equivalent to two-dimensional code. Can bring their own information, but it is more than two-dimensional code cattle. Because it can communicate wirelessly. Let me describe the scenario of a future shoe factory. The semi-finished products of the footwear are on the production line. Each pair of shoes comes with an ID number. Record who is ordering, what yardage, what color and other information. After the first pair of shoes arrives, the wireless communication through the radio frequency identification technology tells the controller that the controller then transmits the integrated information to the robot or an ordinary operator, and completes the shoe making process according to the recipe until the consumers. Still keeping information backup. In this way, many varieties, small batches, custom production. Each pair of shoes is customized for you from the moment you order online. After all the features of the helper are in line with your preferences.


The intelligence of the production process is to use the back-end machine product as a data collection terminal and upload continuously collected user data to the cloud. Then form an industrial Internet core. In other words, the comprehensive information clothing, food, housing, transportation, personal preferences, and illness and death of billions of people in the world are all in the database. You want to smoke a cigar at this time. The nearest cigar supplier will send it to you. When the shoe factory intelligence and the Internet integration deeper, another business model was born, this is the cloud factory. The shoemaking machinery in the factory is also smart. They constantly collect their own data and transmit it to the industrial Internet. At this point you can see which factories are operating at full capacity and which are free to complement each other.

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