What is the role of the casting process specification?

- Apr 25, 2019-

What is the role of the casting process specification?

The casting process specification is compiled on the basis of summarization and improvement. It is a technical management measure for obtaining high-quality and high-yield castings, which can play the following roles in production:

(1) Designed in advance, it can not only select a reasonable process plan, prevent the occurrence of casting defects, but also adopt advanced technology, which is conducive to obtaining high quality and low cost castings.

(2) Conducive to technical preparation, such as the preparation of sand boxes, core bones and molds. This is an important condition for production.

(3) Technical inspections can be carried out in various process steps in accordance with the technical requirements of the process specifications. It is easy to find out the cause of the found casting defects, thereby preventing the occurrence of defects.

(4) It is possible to continuously accumulate and summarize experience and improve the level of process technology.

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