What is the principle of auto polishing machine?

- Jul 16, 2019-

Automatic polishing machine

The principle of automatic polishing machine: the motor is the power source of the polishing head, and the polishing material constitutes the entire polishing head. The polishing auxiliary material is fastened on the polishing head, and after the motor power is started, the polishing auxiliary material is fully contacted with the object to be polished by adjusting the position of the polishing head. The polishing solution/polishing wax added during the polishing process gives a better finish. The wet throwing effect can be achieved by fixing the sink, water circulation system, etc. on the workbench. The automatic polishing machine is divided into two types: automatic roughing machine and automatic fine polishing machine according to the polishing function, which are the first process of polishing and the second process of polishing.

Automatic polishing machine function: automatic polishing machine, automatic surface polishing treatment, suitable for small workpieces, metal workpieces fully automatic polishing surface gloss and deburring. It can be used by one person for multiple devices. Mainly for the use of handicraft processing plants, metal processing plants, sanitary processing plants, electronic processing plants and other customer groups. The main functions are: burr removal of the finished product; surface rust treatment; surface polishing of the finished product; polishing and cleaning work; surface finish of the finished product; removal of the oxidized film (does not damage the surface shape of the workpiece).

automatic polishing machine

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