What is the manual polishing machine?

- Jul 10, 2019-

What are the main polishing methods at present, and the industry overview of automatic polishing equipment

There are many ways to polish metal, one is physical polishing and the other is chemical polishing. Physical polishing is divided into manual polishing and automatic polishing. At present, most polishing plants use manual polishing due to cost and technical limitations. Chemical polishing is mainly divided into chemical polishing and electrolytic polishing, but since the cost is too high and does not meet the actual production requirements, we mainly explain physical polishing.

What is the manual polishing machine?

Physical polishing mainly includes manual polishing and automatic polishing. The manual polishing machine uses artificial hand-held workpieces to artificially press the workpiece and the rotating abrasive belt or polishing wheel to use the polishing wax to achieve the surface grinding and polishing effect. The advantage is that this polishing method is more flexible with manual polishing, and is not limited to the shape limitation of mechanical fixed production, and can polish various uneven gold casting products. This kind of manual operation polishing method is suitable for labor-intensive areas, and it takes a long time to train before polishing operation, and has certain technical requirements. The disadvantage is that the manual polishing has high labor intensity and high technical requirements, so the labor cost of manual polishing is high. In addition, manual polishing due to mechanical structure and environment leads to heavy dust, which is harmful to human health and may lead to pneumoconiosis and some skin diseases. Moreover, manual polishing cannot be mass-produced, the production efficiency is low, the polishing process is not stable enough, and it is not suitable for products with high yield. The disadvantage is that manual polishing has high labor intensity and high technical requirements, which makes the manual labor of manual polishing higher.

manual polishing machine

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