What is the die casting machine accessories?

- Oct 25, 2019-

There are several main types of die casting machine accessories:

1. Lubricating oil for die casting machine parts: used in various types of machinery to reduce friction, maintain liquid lubricants for machinery and machined parts, mainly for lubrication, cooling, rust prevention, cleaning, sealing and buffering. Lubricants account for 85% of all lubricated materials, and the world's annual consumption is about 38 million tons.

2. Introduction and use of silicon carbide germanium: Silicon carbide germanium is a ceramic deep-bottomed bowl-shaped container. When a solid is to be heated on a large fire, it is necessary to use hydrazine. Because it can withstand higher temperatures than glassware. When used, the melted material is usually not filled too much to prevent the heated material from jumping out and allowing air to enter and exit freely for possible oxidation reactions. Because of its small bottom, it is generally required to be placed on the mud triangle to be directly heated by fire.It can be placed on the iron tripod with positive or vertical tilting. You can settle yourself according to the needs of the experiment. After heating, do not immediately place it on a cold metal table to prevent it from rupturing due to rapid cooling. It should not be placed on a wooden table immediately to prevent burns on the table or cause a fire. The correct way to do this is to leave it on the iron tripod for natural cooling, or place it on an asbestos net to cool it slowly.