What is the core shooting machine safety precautions?

- Jul 04, 2019-

Core shooting machine safety precautions:

1. In the work of core shooting machine maintenance, inspection, adjustment, cleaning, etc. The main power and compressed air main valves should be shut off.

2. After repairing, inspecting, and adjusting the solenoid valve, it may not return to the original state. After power-on and ventilation, pay attention to observation to avoid the danger caused by accidental action.

3. All parts of the equipment should stop running immediately if abnormal phenomena such as abnormal sounds and smells occur during work. Manual idling test must be performed after checking the adjustment.

4. Before starting, check whether there are any conductors in the moving parts, and whether there are non-equipment operators close to them. Do not put tools and other debris on the device.

5. When the device is in operation, it is not allowed to touch the moving parts and electrical components.

6. When the equipment in the running mode is interrupted by the external power supply, the power switch of the equipment should be cut off to avoid danger.

core shooting machine

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