What is the core shooter pre-work preparation?

- Jul 07, 2019-

What is the pre-work preparation of the core shooter?

1. The automatic core shooting machine must be prepared before the work, the process parameters and data are adjusted well, and the production can be started when the preparation is ready.

2. Before the automatic core shooter starts automatically, you need to first switch to select the manual position.

3. Operate the sand pump switch to make the sand injection cylinder enter or retreat to the sand tube sanding position. After it is in place, start sanding. When it is full, return to the original position. 4. Check if the origin indicator is on. If it is on, it means that each action is at the origin. At this time, the switch can be selected to the automatic position. 5. At this time, the start switch can be turned on. After the automatic start, it will work in the order of the preset program.

The core shooting machine can work according to the above steps. The preparation of the core shooting machine must be completed in the presence of the staff. The staff must do their best to prevent the machine from running abnormally.

core shooting machine

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