What is the automatic polishing machine?

- Jul 11, 2019-

What is the automatic polishing machine?

Automatic polishing machine refers to the surface polishing of the product by mechanical processing. No manual operation is required during the polishing process, and only the general operation machinery can be used. Generally, the workbench or the conveyor belt is used to fix the product on the workbench or on the conveyor belt, and the automatic polishing wheel is used for polishing. Mechanical polishing is easily limited by mechanical technology, and it is impossible for the machine to operate flexibly, so that some irregularly shaped products cannot fully achieve the polishing effect, especially the standard machinery has certain limitations in this respect. Machining is suitable for polishing a single type of product, and different types and shapes require replacement of the fixture or table structure. However, the advantages of automatic polishing are unquestionable, high production efficiency, and mass production of relatively fixed products. Secondly, mechanical polishing and saving a lot of labor, reducing labor costs, improving the production environment, less dust hazard, etc. Polishing automation is also the current trend of the polishing industry. With the state's supervision of the enterprise environment requirements and consideration of efficiency costs, polishing manufacturers Start changing the way of polishing.

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