What is the automatic molding machine should be prevented during machine working operation?

- Aug 14, 2019-

Precautions during the operation of the fully automatic molding machine:

1. Check the cooling water system when modeling the automatic horizontal molding machine.

2. Check the water pipe, oil pipe and circuit joints loosely in one week.

3. Check the anchor bolts and drive fasteners one week.

4. In January, assist the electrician to lightly blow the dust of the electric cabinet.

5. Cooperate with the pouring and tightly joint, and notify the sand mixing in time when the shape is not needed, so as to avoid the drying of the inner sand in the bucket for a long time.

6. When the life is safe or the equipment is damaged, press the emergency stop button.

7. When the automatic horizontal molding machine runs abnormally, press the stop and then refer to the fault inquiry.

8. If the automatic horizontal molding machine fails, the electric furnace and sand mixing must be notified.

9. Before pouring, the pouring type box must be pushed out of the pouring area, so as to avoid the sand type falling off the sand in the next class. Clean the styling area, prepare enough sand core for the next class, and release the release agent (kerosene) and other auxiliary materials to fill in the shift record and explain it clearly before leaving work.

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