What is suitable for horizontal molding machines?

- Aug 29, 2019-

The fully automatic horizontal molding machine is suitable for most metal materials and mass production molding methods. The clay wet sand molding is an economic modeling method. The foundry is equipped with new technology control devices, which should be gradually implemented, and the wet sand control technology can repeatedly obtain excellent performance. These control devices include, for example, sieving and separating metals, cooling of recycled sand, accurate release additives when reusing sand, and the like.

In the wet sand molding, vertical classification and horizontal classification are compared. For large-volume production of small and medium-sized, gray iron or ductile iron castings, the direct and straight type is dominant because of the equipment cost. It is cheaper, can be shaped at a high speed, requires less personnel, and has less deviation in tightness. However, the vertical parting process is limited in terms of gate scheme, Changkou and morphology, as well as the use of complex cores, filters, cold iron, casing, and cores. In addition, when casting with a fluidity alloy, since the metal static pressure is relatively high, it is easy to cause the metal to penetrate into the sand.

Today's clay wet sand molding machines have excellent performance, can be manufactured at a speed never reached two years ago, and have strict manufacturing requirements and allow for a very small difference in wet sand type. Coupled with the accurate control of the high efficiency sand supply device, the clay wet sand type maintains an important position in the shape of iron-based alloys and non-ferrous alloys.

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