What Is Shoe Lasting Machine

- May 28, 2018-


Shoe Lasting Machine Features:

1. Last support double rise: prevent last from slipping down, fit the last on toe area.
2. 3-pressure toe pad: son fenale oilcan average can distance glue, influences of ill, glue about balance and shoes apply.
3. Balanced pincer shape adjustment: provide balanced shaping mechanism.
4. Instant support high-low adjustment: provide balanced shaping mechanism.
5. Balance besides prop up dais: be good for shoe tree balance, hit and shoe tree compaetness assort.
6. Pincer strain adjustment: balance the tension on upper manually at any point.
7. 3-4 pincer automatic pull down: arbitrariness adjust next jourmey, employ vamp press close to shoe tree. 

8. Pincer nip device: by tail datum combine nicety machining, 100% serried, not rust not prat. Framework indicator light: clarity shoe every enginery instruction.

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