What is low pressure die casting machine(LPDC)?

- Apr 07, 2019-

What is low pressure die casting machine(LPDC)?

Low pressure casting is a casting method in which a liquid metal is filled under a pressure to complete a cavity and a solidification process to obtain a casting. Because of the low pressure (20~60kPa) used, it is called low pressure casting. The basic characteristics of the low pressure casting process: filling speed and pressure can be adjusted appropriately.

low pressure casting machine

The molds used for low pressure casting machine are available in both metal and non-metal types. The metal type is mostly used for large-scale and mass-produced non-ferrous metal castings. Non-metal molds are mostly used for single-piece small-scale production. For example, sand type, graphite type, ceramic type and molten model shell can be used for low-pressure casting, and more production is used. Still sand type. However, the gas permeability and strength of the sand molding material for low pressure casting should be higher than that of gravity casting, and the gas in the cavity is discharged by the exhaust passage and the sand pore.

In order to make full use of the liquid metal under low pressure casting, the casting is filled from bottom to top under pressure. In the process design, the casting should be solidified first away from the gate, so that the gate is finally solidified, so that the casting is in the solidification process. The feed is obtained through the gate to achieve sequential solidification.

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