What is low pressure casting machine?

- Jul 01, 2019-

What is low pressure casting machine?

The low pressure casting machine can know by name, its casting method is low pressure casting, then what is low-pressure casting? Low pressure casting of a low pressure casting machine is a method in which a metal is applied under pressure in a liquid state to fill a cavity under pressure to form a casting. Since it is called a low pressure casting machine, it must be because the pressure used is relatively low, so it is called low-pressure casting. The process of low pressure casting is such that in a sealed crucible or a sealed can, compressed air and dry air are introduced therein, and the air that is introduced generates pressure to act on the metal liquid, and the metal liquid will follow. As the riser rises, it enters the cavity through the gate stably, while maintaining the gas pressure on the liquid level in the crucible, until the casting has completely solidified before stopping. After that, the gas pressure on the liquid surface can be released, and the molten metal which has not been solidified in the riser pipe flows back into the crucible, and finally the casting is pushed out at the same time as the cylinder opening type, and the above is the process of the low pressure casting machine.

pressure casting machine

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