What is low pressure casting and gravity casting?(4)

- Oct 15, 2018-

gravity casting machines

Metal casting is a modern skill in making hollow casting molds for casting from heat-resistant alloy steel. The metal type can be either gravity cast or pressure cast. The metal mold can be used repeatedly. Once each molten metal is poured, a casting is obtained, which has a long life and a high production power. The metal type castings not only have good standard precision, but also have a bright surface, and the casting strength is higher than that of the sand type under the condition of pouring the same molten metal, and it is not easy to be damaged. Therefore, in the case of large-scale production of medium and small castings of non-ferrous metals, the melting point of the casting material is not too high, and metal casting is generally preferred. However, there are some shortcomings in metal casting: because the heat-resistant alloy steel and the hollow cavity on which it is processed are expensive, the metal mold is expensive, but the total cost of the die-casting mold is higher. Sell more. For small batch production, the cost of the mold allocated to each item is significantly too high, which is generally not easy to bear. Moreover, because the metal mold is limited by the mold material standard, the cavity processing equipment, and the casting equipment, it is also incapable of working on particularly large castings. Therefore, in small batches and large-scale production, metal casting is rarely used. In addition, although the metal mold is made of heat-resistant alloy steel, the heat resistance is still limited. It is generally used for the casting of aluminum alloy, zinc alloy and magnesium alloy. It has been used less in copper alloy casting and used for ferrous metal casting. It's even less. The metal molds of Xudong Precision Casting Factory are all designed and made by ourselves, so that they can supply customers with cheap and suitable molds in a timely manner.