what is cnc polishing machine

- Apr 28, 2019-

what is cnc polishing machine

CNC polishing machine is a very popular polishing machine equipment in polishing industry in recent years, it is widely used in special-shaped pieces, arc products, spherical products, oval products polishing finishing. Such as mobile phone shell, stainless steel tableware plate cover and so on. What is the CNC polishing machine equipment exactly? which are the advantages?

CNC polishing machine is a new type of intelligent polishing equipment relatively to the manual polishing machine and automatic polishing machine, the main function is used for metal products surface treatment, increase CNC programming system, automatic rail, multi-axis linkage and other configurations. What is cnc polishing machine? Here we mainly introduce the CNC polishing machine from its structure, divide into power system, polishing head, workbench, prevention cover, hydraulic system, operating system.

CNC polishing machine

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