What is automatic log saw cutting machine features?

- May 29, 2019-

The large rotary paper (face towel)log saw cutting machine is a device for cutting rectangular (or square) facial tissues. It has the advantages of high speed and high efficiency, flat cutting, uniform length, etc. It is the choice of your face towel. Main features:

1. When the paper is pushed into the cutting system by the mechanical driving component, it is clamped by the paper clip and sent to the cutter for cutting, the cutting is flat and the accuracy is high.

2, The log saw cutting machine is equipped with advanced photoelectric detection system, large diameter rotary cutter, can automatically set the length of the paper, accurate slitting, can reach 100 cuts in 1 minute.

3. The cutting system is optimized and equipped with an automatic grinding system. The grinding wheel can automatically grind the blade according to the number of cutting times.

4. The machine adopts the selected servo drive system, cyclotron frequency control, PLC programming and touch screen operation. The time frequency, cutting speed and cutting length of the sharpening knife are set by the computer control panel. The advancement, cutting and sharpening of the knife are smoother and more continuous, which fully embodies the superiority of the machine.

log saw cutting machine

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