What is automatic log saw cutting machine equipped with?

- May 28, 2019-

What is automatic log saw cutting machine features?

The large rotary paper cutter is an important machine in the production of toilet paper roll paper production line, which can greatly improve the automation degree and production efficiency of the production line. The structure of the whole machine is firm, the design is beautiful, the cutting action is accurate, and the paper cutting surface is smooth and smooth. The log saw cutting machine is equipped with the following :

1. Automatic knife sharpening system, and can automatically lubricate the blade regularly.

2. The roll paper is automatically sent to the paper cutter by the winder to cut it, and then automatically sent out.

3. The cut paper head, paper tail, etc. can be automatically separated from the genuine paper roll.

4. The sharpening wheel can be automatically adjusted according to the degree of wear of the blade for sharpening.

5. Equipped with two sets of paper passages, it is convenient and time-saving for production and replacement.

automatic log saw cutting machine

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