What are the reasons for the failure of the sand molding machine?

- May 22, 2019-

What are the reasons for the failure of the sand molding machine?

    With the wide application of the sand molding machine, after a period of use, there will be problems of large and small failures. The following are the problems that often occur in the molding machine. The machine does not vibrate after compaction. The reasons may be as follows:

    When such a problem occurs, check whether the lubrication device of the molding machine is perfect, and refuel in time to check whether the tight parts are tight, whether the operation handles are in the zero position, whether the air valve is flexible or not, and whether the pipeline is leaky. Gas, then open the total valve to drain the accumulated gas and water in the pipeline.

   1, Whether it is caused by air trapping in the fault detection part of the molding machine. Because the vacuum pump works to generate some water, adding some foreign matter in the pipeline for a long time will block the filter element in the air filter gas, thus causing blockage. At this point, the pressure gauge looks at the pressure, but the air flow is not enough, causing the machine to be weak. Check the gap between the front and back of the molding machine head, whether there is any foreign matter such as iron smash, if any foreign matter should be cleaned up in time.

   2, When operating the molding machine, due to long-term vibration, the following molding machine failure will occur: 6 M20 hexagonal nails connected to the shaking table and the shock piston are loose, so that there is a gap between the shaking table and the piston, and the working airflow Leaking from here, causing shocks, especially after compaction, can not be shocked.

   3, the lubrication is not sufficient, if the piston and the pump iron are not lubricated, rust will occur, it can also cause shock and weakness. To solve the problem of the molding machine, you can open the rubber tube to the shaking table, inject a kilogram of kerosene or gasoline, and start the shock. At this time, the sound of the shock will change significantly.

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