What are the common faults in the sand belt polishing machine?

- May 10, 2019-

What are the common faults in the sand belt polishing machine?

1. Vibration problem: There have some sand belt polishing machines are hung on the belt. After the machine is started, the machine vibration is very large. If it is not fixed, it will “run around”! What is the reason? Mainly the balance of the rotating wheel is not good! The rotating wheel has a rubber wheel, a guiding wheel and a motor pulley. The three rotating wheels have a poor precision, poor balance, and the machine shake is not good! Another reason is that the clearance of the parts of the support wheel is too large, causing relative motion between the parts and generating vibration. Then the motor is not fixed properly and it also produces vibration.

2. Noise problem: The noise is mainly due to insufficient rigidity of the base and supporting parts, and the clearance of the matching parts is too large (some factories have poor processing equipment, very backward, and poor quality awareness, the manufactured parts are very bad, almost no tolerance Requirements!), the selection of low-quality bearings, abrasive belts, speed and other reasons.

3. Life problem: some belt machine will be broken in a short time, there are several reasons: the adjustment part is gray cast iron, no 45# carbon steel casting, or no heat treatment, bearing quality is not good, lubrication is not Well, the spindle is not subjected to modulation heat treatment, or the hardness of the treatment is too low or too high (too low to wear, too high to break), and the motor quality is not good.

4. The use of problems: the size of the machine, the design of the structure is critical, better structure and scientific size is the key to the efficiency of the polishing workers.

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