What are the common die cast aluminum alloys?

- Oct 29, 2019-

What are the common die-cast aluminum alloys?

Die-casting alloy is one of the elements of die-casting production. In order to produce excellent die-casting parts, in addition to reasonable part construction, well-designed die-casting molds and die casting machines with superior process performance, alloys with good performance are also required. The thickness of the section of the die casting depends on the stress it is subjected to and the strength of the alloy material itself. High strength is one of the advantages of the die casting alloy. When selecting a die-casting alloy, various factors such as its performance, process performance, use occasions, production conditions and economy should be fully considered.

Al-Si alloy

Since the Al-Si alloy has a small crystallization temperature interval, a large latent heat of solidification in the silicon phase of the alloy, a large specific heat capacity, and a relatively small linear shrinkage coefficient, the casting performance is generally better than other aluminum alloys. The filling ability is also good, and the tendency of hot cracking and shrinkage is also relatively small. Al-Si alloy is currently the most widely used die-cast aluminum alloy.

Al-Mg alloy

The performance characteristics of Al-Mg alloy are: good mechanical properties at room temperature; strong corrosion resistance; poor casting properties, large fluctuations in mechanical properties and wall thickness effects; long-term use, plasticity decline of alloy due to aging effect Even the phenomenon of cracking of die-casting parts; Al-Zn alloy

Al-Zn alloy

After the natural casting of the die-casting parts, high mechanical properties can be obtained, and when the mass fraction of zinc is more than 10%, the strength is remarkably improved.