What are the characteristics of the molding machine?

- Jun 04, 2019-

What are the characteristics of the molding machine?

In recent years, the consumption line of sand molding machines has increased rapidly, and there are three main characteristics:

First, enterprises adopting automatic modeling consumption lines are no longer limited to large-scale main casting enterprises. A considerable number of companies have adopted automatic styling consumption lines;

Second, the domestic automatic manufacturing consumption line has been able to supply the casting enterprise stably, and there are four or five manufacturing plants in the domestic consumption level automatic molding line. However, in China, all automatic consumption lines are still produced in a small number, and there are more low-level ones;

Third, there are many automatic styling consumption lines, but there are still a few casting companies that can fully play their role in accordance with the consumption line design. There are still problems in that they can not fully control the use of automatic external consumption lines, and other processes cannot be combined with consumer lines. The problem of being able to match the beat effectively.

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