Two methods of operation of the core shooting machine

- Oct 31, 2018-

The core shooting machine is satisfied with the production requirements of various shell core sands, and has the characteristics of adjustable technical parameters and active control of mold temperature. The hot core box technology is used to make the coated sand core, and the core shooting machine is divided into a single step operation core shooting machine, an automatic moving core shooting machine, and a double open mold core shooting machine. The core shooting machine is divided into single steps and active two operating modes.

1. Single-step operation of the core machine:

Put the selection switch to the single step orientation, press the mold clamping button, open the mold, and press the sand roller travel button after clamping. After the shell core machine shoots the sand tube into position, press the head to press the button. After the shot is pressed, press the sand button to start the shot. After the sand is finished, press the shot button to release the button. After the shell core machine is released, the shell is released. Press the shotgun retreat button; press the moldhead flip button after the shot retreat is in place; press the mold frame sensation button after flipping in place; press the mold frame reset button after the sensation is over; the shell core mold frame resets the open end and solidifies the crustization time to the end Press the mold opening button, press the top core rod out button after the mold is opened, push the core out, press the top core rod to enter the button, press the mold clamping button after the top core rod enters, close the mold in place, and complete a working cycle.

2. Active operation of the core machine:

Push the selection switch to the active position, select the program switch, start the switch according to the program, and operate according to the program in sequence; forging mold clamping → sanding travel → sand crushing → sanding → shot release → shot retreat → mold frame flipping → mold sensation → mold frame reset → solidification → mold opening → top core rod out → core → core rod in → mold closing.

The core core machine work process is completed by sand filling and compaction, and immediately hardens in the hot core box, which reduces labor intensity, is sensitive and easy to operate, easy to grasp, uses electric heating, temperature can be actively controlled, and the work place is easy to keep clean. To create conditions for mechanization and automation of the core making process. A cycle can take only a few ten seconds to several tens of seconds to produce a sand core for casting.

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