Toilet Paper Production Process

- Mar 22, 2019-

Many friends found that the prospects of the tissue processing industry are relatively good, they are ready to do toilet paper processing, and the processing of toilet paper should understand the production process of toilet paper, so that we can better prepare. The following Xuchang Changfeng paper machine will introduce you to this knowledge. For reference:

First, the production of toilet paper requires toilet paper raw materials, that is, large shaft paper, large shaft paper has wood pulp paper, sugar cane pulp paper, mixed pulp paper, bamboo pulp paper, and the price of large shaft paper of different materials is different. There are about 5,000 or so. About 6,000 or so, there are paper mills in every province. We can buy them from paper mills, buy large shaft paper from dealers, and buy our toilet paper processing equipment. We will provide you with large shaft paper manufacturers. Everyone can produce and sell faster is our goal.

The processing of toilet paper requires three sets of equipment, namely a toilet paper rewinder, a toilet paper cutter, and a toilet paper sealing machine. The large shaft paper passes through the toilet paper rewinder, and the toilet paper rewinder rewinds, presses, punches, trims, sprays, cuts and flattens, and rewinds the single-layer toilet paper into three-layer strips. The toilet paper, then the toilet paper cutter cuts the long toilet paper into common size toilet paper, puts the toilet paper into the packaging bag, and directly seals it by the toilet paper sealing machine, and the finished product can be wholesale and retailed.