Third reasons for the sand molding machine misplacement

- Jun 05, 2019-

Third reasons for the sand molding machine misplacement

Too fast, misplaced: Generally speaking, the hydraulic power unit of sand molding machine has stable performance, long service life and reduced power consumption. However, in actual production process, due to long-term use, the cylinder seal is prone to aging, resulting in a tight seal, sometimes due to a hydraulic pump. The cooling effect of the station is poor, the oil temperature is too high, or problems are prone to occur. The horizontal automatic molding machine in the process of modeling, after the completion of the model, the first is the sump cylinder driven off the tank to complete the tank shape sand tire auxiliary sand box, the sand plate returns to the original position, at this time after completion or box The model sand tire needs to be transferred from the workstation to the casting position of the casting. If the cylinder speed is pushed too fast, the box steel plate driven by the box sand tire is pushed to vibrate and move forward.

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