The operation of the shoe moulding machine

- Aug 09, 2018-

shoe moulding macine

The upper shoe moulding machine is an indispensable equipment for the shoe manufacturer. It is mainly used for the shaping of the upper and the upper of various materials such as stereotyped leather. The following matters should be noted during operation.


1. When operating the leather upper shoe moudling machine, it is forbidden to put the hand under the pressure plate, to prevent the foot from hitting the switch, and the upper die is pressed and crushed.


2. When adjusting the gap between the side plates of the upper setting machine, the hand should not be placed in the middle of the side pressing plates to avoid crushing the hand.


3. When operating, do not directly touch the blade, side plate, be careful with hot hands.


4. Concentrate on the operation, it is strictly forbidden to doze off and chat while operating. Strictly implement the "one person, one machine" system, and it is strictly forbidden to operate one machine at the same time.


5. It is forbidden to place any sundries on the upper setting shoe moudling machine. Turn off all power when leaving work; check the parts when leaving the post.

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