The four core advantages of the sand molding machine

- Mar 24, 2019-

The four core advantages of the sand molding machine:

1. Advanced equipment, efficient and economical

The sand molding machine replaces the human machine instead of the human power, and perfectly solves the problem of asking people and asking for cost.

Simple operation, one-button operation, no need for professional operation

1 horizontal sand molding machine topped over 10 stylists

10 times higher productivity, 10 times less production time, and 10 times lower production costs

2. Factory direct sales price concessions

Create a Chinese sand-shaping brand and be a model machine that Chinese people can afford

3. Imported materials Quality assurance

The whole foundry sand molding machine components use the world's most stable imported brand

The whole machine structure uses spheroidal graphite castings

Smooth operation, neat mold release, perfect casting finish

4. Value-added services

The whole sand molding machine is guaranteed for one year, providing technical support and maintenance at home and abroad, and providing tracking service throughout the entire process.

With more than 10 invention patents, it can meet the diverse needs of diverse customers.

Free site survey, regular customer return visit, on-site installation, guidance, free operation training

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