The Design Principles Of The Gravity Die Casting Machine System

- Sep 02, 2018-

gravity die casting machine

The design principles of the Gravity Die Casting Machine system are as follows:

(1) The heat distribution inside the mold is reasonable, which is convenient for directional solidification, so that the casting is fully replenished.

(2) The gating system should be as short as possible, simple yet without losing its functional integrity.

(3) The molten metal should be smoothly injected into the cavity through the pouring system, and there should be no impact, eddy current or splash, which effectively prevents the secondary oxidation of the molten metal.

(4) It should be beneficial to cavity exhaust and slag during the pouring process.

(5) Under the premise of ensuring quality, maximize the process yield and create favorable conditions for the cleaning process of castings.

(6) It should be an open casting system.

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