The CNC milling machine four point principle of hydraulic drill power head system design

- Jul 31, 2018-

CNC milling machine

The CNC milling machine four point principle of hydraulic drill power head system design

Due to the diversity of the power head design, there may be more than one functional requirement for the mechanical motion system. Therefore, in order to design the CNC milling machine motion scheme of the hydraulic drill power head system, the following functional requirements should be met, and the following should be followed. 4 principles:

1, the mechanical system is as simple as possible

How to realize the shortness of the CNC milling machine mechanical system, from the point of view of the institutional kinematic chain, under the requirement of ensuring the established functions, the institutions with fewer movements should be selected as much as possible, which not only effectively reduces the manufacturing cost and simplifies The mechanism can also reduce the cumulative error caused by manufacturing errors of parts.

Choosing a sports pair: The high-subsidiary mechanism can reduce the number of movements of the number of constructions and is simple in design. However, the motion auxiliary of the low-side motion mechanism is simple to process, and it is easy to ensure the matching precision and the high bearing capacity. Under normal circumstances, priority should be given to low-level sports mechanisms, and the use of mobile pairs should be avoided as much as possible.

Choosing the prime mover: The movement of the CNC milling machine mechanical system is closely related to the form of the prime mover. It should be reasonably selected in light of the specific circumstances.

2, the CNC milling machine organization should have relatively good dynamic characteristics

In the mechanical system, the mechanism must not only transmit power, but also drive power, so it is necessary to choose a mechanism with good dynamic characteristics.

3, try to reduce the CNC milling machine assembly size

There are also differences in the weight of the types of bodies of different sizes and types. This design selects a three-phase asynchronous motor to provide the main motion power, so that the size of the power head is reduced, and the manufacturing cost thereof is correspondingly reduced.

4, the CNC milling machine mechanical systems should fully consider human performance

We know that any mechanical system is designed by humans and used to serve humans, and most mechanical systems are operated and used by humans. Therefore, when designing a hydraulic drill power head system, people must be considered. To achieve the harmonious unity of man and machinery.

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