The choice of sand modeling machine modeling method

- Aug 23, 2019-

The choice of automatic sand molding machine modeling method

Sixth, the requirements of sand. When arranging multiple sets of molding machines on one production line, the molding machine should be selected to consider uniform sand.

Seventh, Supporting equipment for the modeling workshop. This is especially important when renovating the old workshop. It is necessary to combine the original factory workshop conditions, other supporting equipment (such as smelting, sand treatment, etc.) production capacity, process level, transportation conditions, process flow, etc., using system engineering perspectives to analyze and determine It is appropriate to choose which type of molding machine to use to make the most of the investment.

Eighth, tooling conditions. The dimensional accuracy and surface roughness level of the pattern should match the molding machine chosen.

Ninth, Priority should be given to molding equipment that meets environmental protection, industrial hygiene and labor safety with less pollution and no pollution (low noise, no harmful gas).

Ten, high-efficiency fully automatic molding machine should be equipped with molding lines and not used alone.

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