The Cause Of Pulverizer Machine Violent Vibration

- Jun 20, 2018-

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The good pulverizer machine runs smoothly and reliably. The whole machine has little vibration and produces little noise. If the customer's use of a sudden violent vibration of the pulverizer machine, it should be the equipment encountered an abnormal condition, may cause damage to the equipment, we maintain ore mill should pay attention.

There summarizes the following reasons:

1. The material is too hard

Superfine mills have a strict limit on the hardness of the material. If it exceeds its working range, it will cause the production to decrease, the vibration of the host machine will be severe, and the stone powder will be too thick. Therefore, the hardness of the material must be controlled well.

2. The material is too small

The material is finely powdery, and the friction between the grinding roller and the grinding ring is direct and there is no material layer in the middle. The host vibration can be controlled by adjusting the host speed.

3. Uneven feed

If the pulverizer suddenly appears to feed too much or too little, it will cause severe vibration of the pulverizer. The amount of feed can be controlled by adjusting the vibrating feeder.

4. Loose host bolts

This phenomenon is more common, mainly because the vibration during the grinding of the pulverizer machine will lead to the loosening of the bolt, which in turn will cause the vibration to increase. Check the machine in time and tighten the bolts.

5. Roller deformation

The long-term wear causes the shape of the grinding roll to change, the grinding roll is not smooth, resulting in severe vibration during the rolling process. The roller should be replaced in time.

6. Installation failure

During the installation process, the centerline of the drive section of the main unit is not straight, and vibration may occur during the rotation. Adjust the centerline in time.

Pulverizer machineS are widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, mining and other areas of mineral materials in the grinding process. According to the fineness of the materials to be milled and the fineness of the materials to be discharged, the mill can be divided into vertical-pulverizers, high-pressure suspension mills, high-pressure micropulpers, straight-through centrifugal mills and super-pressure trapezoidal mills. Powder mill, three-ring medium-speed mill six types of mill.