Something About band saw Machine

- Jan 20, 2018-

A band saw is a saw with a ring-shaped band saw blade, which is used for a one-way continuous straight line movement around two saw wheels to cut through a wood sawing machine. Mainly by the bed, saw wheel, on the saw wheel lift and tilt device, with saw blade tensioning device, saw blade Guide device, worktable, guide plate and so on. The bed is made of cast iron or steel plate welding.

The saw wheel is divided into a strip-type upper saw wheel and a plate bottom saw wheel, the bottom saw wheel is an active wheel, and the upper saw wheel is a driving gear, and the weight of the saw wheel should be lighter than 2.5~5 times. The cutting speed of band saw Blade is usually 30~60m/s. The upper saw wheel lifting device is used for loading and unloading and adjusting the elastic band saw Blade, and the upper saw wheel tilt device is used to prevent the band saw blade from falling off from the saw wheel when sawing. The tensioning device of band saw Blade can endow the saw wheel with elasticity to guarantee the stability of the tensioning degree of the band saw blade in operation. The old style uses the spring or the lever heavy hammer mechanism, the new type uses the barometric pressure, the hydraulic pressure tensioning device. The guiding device is commonly known as a saw card, which is used to prevent the twisting or swinging of the saw blade when sawing, the next saw card is fixed at the lower end of the bed, and the saw card can be adjusted up and down along the vertical slide.

Band saw machine is widely used in wood industry and has many kinds of models.