Some tips on operating automatic polishing machine

- Nov 15, 2019-

Some tips on operating automatic polishing machine

The automatic polishing machine is suitable for polishing, drawing and sanding all kinds of straight pipe (bar) surface. It can be finished by roughing medium fine sand, throwing hemp and cloth at one time. It has the outstanding characteristics of stable work and low noise. Today, xinchuangsheng industrial polishing machine manufacturer compiles some tips for you to operate the automatic polishing machine.

When operating the automatic polishing machine, it is necessary to accurately grasp the polishing speed. Too fast or too slow in the polishing process will cause damage to the polished object. Using fine abrasive can greatly reduce the damage of polishing, but the speed of polishing will also be reduced. The problem of low efficiency can be solved by polishing in stages. In the process of polishing, first rough polishing, grinding off the damaged layer, then fine polishing, removing the damaged layer. This not only accelerates the polishing speed, but also reduces the damage. The spindle speed of the new innovative customized automatic polishing machine can reach 2000r / min, the feeding speed can be adjusted by 1-5m / min, and the processing range diameter is 5-90mm.

When the operator is polishing the object, he will place it on the fixture, fix it on the worktable of the polishing machine, and then start the automatic polishing machine to finish polishing. After finishing, the machine will stop automatically, and the operator can unload the polished object.

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